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Lucrative Oil and Natural Gas Acquisitions

Alpha will expand its oil and natural gas acquisitions within the Rocky Mountain Region and into western Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, and western Kansas. Our focus will be expansion through drilling, joint venture opportunities and acquisitions which enable expansion of our oil and natural gas production, transportation and gatherng operations.

Natural Gas - Still a Profitable Venture

We believe that natural gas will continue to be the clean energy fuel of the future due to the clean air standards regulations.  As such, Alpha will continue to consider natural gas asset acquisitions to maintain a reserve mix of oil and natural gas. Our natural gas acquisitions will include acquisition of field transportation and short haul lines as part of our business expansion plan.  Acquiring these type of company lines, specifically in areas where we have production, will be advantageous to Alpha by lowering our internal transportation costs while increasing profitability margins for operating the lines and marketing natural gas to local end-users.

Managing the transportation system for natural gas, in conjunction with field operations, will also enhance cash flow. After we acquire the transportation lines, we plan to develop our own end-users for natural gas, which will further enhance our profit margins.

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