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Oil & Gas Property Acquisition, Drilling and Development

Alpha's business model is focused on acquisition of existing production, as well as acquisition of Oil and Gas Leases to pursue new exploration and drilling opportunities.  Alpha will utilize enhanced recovery methods with new technology and development drilling to increase production and add value to the properties we acquire.  We are committed to respect the land and landowner rights by operating in an environmentally sound manner to develop our precious natural resources, and are doing our part to ensure the U.S. maintains its independence as a global energy leader.

Existing Assets

We are continually looking to expand our asset base located in the prolific Denver Basin Province (DJ-Niobrara shale and Wattenberg) play in northeastern Colorado, southwestern Nebraska and southeastern Wyoming.  The DJ Basin provides multiple formation drilling opportunities which include horizontal pad drilling in the multiple, oil-rich Niobrara intervals with thick pay zones at vertical depths up to 7,000 feet.  Since horizontal drilling at deeper depths is often very costly, Alpha will maintain a drilling program targeting shallower formations which provides a mix of opportunities and limited risk factors.  These shallower wells are drilled from depths ranging from only 1,500 feet for shallow Niobrara biogenic gas wells to deeper wells drilled in the Topeka, Heebner, Lansing, Kansas City, Marmaton, Cherokee, Atoka, Morrow, Mississippian, Spergen, and Osage formations which range in depth to 5,800 feet.  Our focus on these shallower prospects will minimize Alpha's initial risk exposure on drilling and operating costs.

Oil Drill - Gas and Oil Drilling

Future Expansion

As we grow, we plan to expand further into the Colorado Front Range (Northern Front Range Outcrop), and into western Kansas (Hugoton Embayment, Anadarko Basin and Central Kansas Uplift).  Wells in these areas range from 4,000 feet to 10,000 feet and are more expensive to drill and operate, but also provide a larger return.  Some of the formations in this area include the Sussex, Niobrara, Codell, J-Sand, and D-Sand formations.

Our future also includes expansion into Oklahoma, Texas and eastern Kansas where we will place a great deal of emphasis on oil and natural gas production, as well as the transportation of natural gas.  We believe natural gas will continue to fuel the future due to the clean-air standards regulations and we will continue to include natural gas projects within our target operations.

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